discover how to get All Of your domains google news approved!

  • You DO NOT Need To Create Any Content. You can use Automated Plugins or AI writing software like Article Forge.
  • You Can Change The Site After It's Approved By Google News.
  • Instantly Increase The Value Of Any Domain You Purchase.

discover how to get All Of your domains google news approved!


the totally True Story...

This is a picture of Diana Ratliff and although we were "friends" on Facebook I had no idea who she was until one of her posts showed up in my newsfeed about a week ago.

She was advertising her service to get domains approved in Google News.

Naturally I was interested because I know the value of having an asset like a Google News approved domain in my business.

So I messaged Diana to ask her about her service and I'm super glad that I did...

Turns out not only does she offer getting your domains on Google News as a service...

She teaches people the EXACT methods she uses so they can do it themselves!

Now, up until this point I always thought it was super hard to get domains approved in Google News...

I thought it required massive amounts of unique content, a ton of time, and strict guidelines.

As I began talking to Diana I quickly realized that everything I thought about Google News was totally wrong and it's actually quite easy to get ANY domain approved.

I started asking her questions like how many "work" hours does it take to get a site together and how long does it take for Google to approve the domain?

Her response...

I also asked her if you could use an automated content WordPress plugin or PLR to get approved so you don't have to create content yourself and you won't believe this (people in the FB group also use AI written content like Article Forge):

Then I asked her once the domain is approved if you could change the site and the answer was yes!:

Just to recap everything Diana said:

  • It takes just a couple hours "work" to get your first site built to be submitted to Google News then 1-10 days for Google to approve it. (you can just essentially clone the first site after it's setup so future sites take practically no time to create).
  • You DO NOT need to create your own content you can use an automated content WordPress plugin, PLR, or an AI writing software like Article Forge or Jasper.
  • After the domain is approved in Google News you can totally change the site with and the domain will remain approved.

She does this stuff every single day...

Her students also crank out Google News approved sites and list them for sale in another Facebook group Diana runs:

Her students are creating TONS of Google News approved sites using automatically created content from sites like Article Forge (although you can use any rewriting software you may already own):

Here's how you make money with google approved domains 

There's absolutely nothing difficult about getting your site built and domain approved in Google News using the methods Diana teaches.

Let's go over some ways to make money and get traffic using them:

1) Remember how Diana said you can change the site after it's approved? Get your domains approved then start posting affiliate product reviews on it and they will rank higher in Google.

2) Flip Google News approved domains through domain marketplaces and brokers or full news sites on Flippa.

3) Build a network of Google News approved sites and post articles with links leading to your other sites which makes for great backlinks and getting your other sites ranking higher.

4) Build a network of Google News approved sites and charge others to post their articles on them.

5) Sell Google News approval services on Fiverr or Facebook (you should see the prices people are getting).

6) Build and keep a network of Google approved sites monetized with AdSense or Amazon products.

7) Get key pieces of content ranking easily for competitive terms on Google News sites and drive traffic anywhere.

All of your domains get an instant boost in authority and credibility when they are approved in Google News and using Diana's method you can create as many sites as you want and they will be approved.

But what I really want you to think about is that what you're learning from Diana is a marketable skill and you're learning to build assets within your business.

Taking a regular domain name and turning it into a Google News approved domain instantly increase its value.

You can make REAL money with this knowledge.

You can build REAL assets with REAL value within your business.

enroll in diana's course + mastermind...

Today, on this page you have the opportunity to gain instant access to Diana's course and Facebook group for $100 off the regular price (normally it's $197 to join).

There are NO Upsells or OTO's.

The course is delivered within a Facebook group so not only do you get to watch all the videos setup as a "course" in a Facebook group but you can ask any questions you may have and Diana will answer and help you one-on-one.

You literally can't fail and have an honest, genuine person helping you every step of the way.

She also has a 60 day money-back guarantee...

If you follow her instructions and do the work (submit a site for approval), and can't get a domain approved in Google News, within 60 days, she will refund your money. 

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You missed out!

Diana Ratliff

Mark Hess

Thank you for taking the time to check out this offer. Both Diana and I appreciate it and we look forward to seeing you in the Facebook group. Use the $100 you saved today to buy a bunch of new domain names :)

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